Filament Analytics

Designing better analytics for content growth

Filament started as a social sharing utility, which evolved into an analytics app for content creators to measure the quality of visitor engagement. I led all product design, user onboarding and prototyping through multiple product iterations. I also worked on user acquisition and activation, as well as customer development and user testing.

My role included

I have a lot of ideas.

Most are on whiteboards, some in sketchbooks and a bit too often, on post-its. Some are mobile and some web. The good ones get prototyped.

When content is close and the user-flow makes sense, I take things into visual design. After a round or three of visual revs, I can code the design myself, ready for production. Or I can hand it off to another dev, along with docs and a style guide.

I work with users early to develop ideas and uncover value. I collaborate with stakeholders and fellow creatives to iterate the project until it feels and performs great. I measure and establish baselines and test experiments on my own or with a team, rinse-and-repeat until it’s hitting our objectives. But it’s never done.