What Say You?

One question. 24hrs. The world answers.

Helping with product strategy and all things design for an early stage startup, accepted into EvoNexus startup incubator and currently in development. What Say You will deliver data collected from around the world for each day's question in a new and interesting way to try to make the world feel just a little bit smaller.

My role included

I have a lot of ideas.

Most are on whiteboards, some in sketchbooks and a bit too often, on post-its. Some are mobile and some web. The good ones get prototyped.

When content is close and the user-flow makes sense, I take things into visual design. After a round or three of visual revs, I can code the design myself, ready for production. Or I can hand it off to another dev, along with docs and a style guide.

I work with users early to develop ideas and uncover value. I collaborate with stakeholders and fellow creatives to iterate the project until it feels and performs great. I measure and establish baselines and test experiments on my own or with a team, rinse-and-repeat until it’s hitting our objectives. But it’s never done.