Hiya. I'm a

Product Designer

Designing since 2007. I got married that same year. Back then I ran a team of stockbrokers. Yes, really. A friend lent me The 4 Hour Workweek, which motivated me to build my first site. I'm naturally artistic, so learning a little HTML/CSS was all that stood in my way. Six months later, I had paying clients.

After a lot of freelancing, I made the full-time career change to design at DT in 2011, just four months after levelling up to Dad in 2011, and now we have two girls.

Seemingly random information

  1. Woodworking over video games
  2. Wait But Why is a good read
  3. I once had an internet TV show
  4. Rdio over Spotify
  5. Burrito folding level - expert
  6. Motocross instead of golf

The Work

And here's another dozen for good meausure...

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